Getting started

Q: I’ve installed the app and it asks me to log in. How can I get my credentials?
A: At this point you have to get your license and credentials directly from Kasvutoimisto Kairos. Leave your contact information with the form below or send an email to

Q: What’s the price of a single license?
A: Three month license per user is 118 € (+VAT).

Q: How long is the license valid?
A: Three months is a typical period we provide. It is possible to adjust the length of the period.


Q: How much one coaching session takes time?
A: Each discussion with the app takes about 5-15 minutes so you can utilize your available micro moments efficiently.

Q: How often should I have coaching sessions?
A: You decide your development rate by yourself. However we recommend 1-3 sessions per week to allocate also some time for digesting and experimenting.

Q: Can I use the app with multiple devices?
A: It is possible, but your achievements are stored individually in each device.


Q: I’ve acquired the license but I can’t recall my password, what should I do?
A: Please contact Kasvutoimisto Kairos.

Q: The chat view seems to be in a stuck state. How can I exit the discussion?
A: Go to Profile view, scroll down and use the Restart discussion button. This kind of behavior may occur due to network problems etc.

See also: Description of the file and data privacy

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